Poker Missions & Contests

Our poker platform is not only renowned for providing one of the best experiences for our players, but also for the promotions that we offer. These promotions come in the form of Contests/Missions and they can be offered on a daily and weekly basis. How do I access these Promotions? Contests/Missions, can be accessed by […]

Table Wallet Information

Poker Wallet Breakdown Being a poker player, whenever you make a new deposit on our website, you have to transfer the funds to poker in order to play. The poker wallet is the hub of all things related to your poker financials – not just your currently available cash balance but also all your bonus funds […]

Poker V.43 – Update Booklet

Our players are the most valuable part of our company and as such, we remain true to our commitment of continuously improving the services that we offer. As a result, we’re happy to inform you that our Poker site has a new version! This new update has several changes that will improve the visibility, accessibility […]

Odds Calculator

What’s a Poker Odds Calculator? It’s a software you can download on our website that works as an add-on for our Poker Client. With it, you will be able to see instant poker odds in an easy and simple heads up display (HUD) to enhance your poker experience. Which kind of enhancements does it provide? […]

Promotional Codes

Aligned to our commitment to always provide you with the best poker platform we can, we are offering Promotions that allows you to claim special and exclusive offers just by entering a code on this section. Promotional codes are only sent via email or by different marketing channels and aren’t issued by request to the […]

Poker Contests

Apart from bonuses, another big feature that our Poker service can offer you is a variety of contests you can participate in. These contests can be either daily or weekly, all you have to do is opt-in; complete the objectives, and you may earn some big cash! Where do I find these contests? If you’re […]

Windfall Tournaments

Windfall is a fast-paced 3-handed Sit&Go format tournament where players have a chance to win significantly more than their entry due to the multiplier setting. The multiplier is displayed on screen as a spinning dial, the amount displayed when the dial stops spinning is the prize pool the players will play for.  This is also […]

Your Poker Table

On our latest Poker update, we brought to you a brand new table theme called “Move” whose design offers a more intuitive and cleaner interface for players to experience a better gameplay. This new table theme “Move” only applies to PC/Laptop and Mac, the mobile version remains the same. NEW LOOK – TABLE THEME “MOVE” […]

Casino in Poker (CIP)

Taking a break between tournaments? Do you have the desire to try something different? On our Poker section we also offer casino games, both tables and slots, for you to test your luck! There are two (2) ways you can access this section: Through the Casino tab or the Casino Quick Menu. Casino Tab On […]

Disconnection Policy

While each user is responsible for his or her own Internet connection, all players must accept the risk of disconnection. Disconnections can, and do occur. If you are disconnected and unable to act on your hand, while having chips invested in the pot in a ring game, you will be given 30 additional seconds to […]