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An independent adjudication service is available if customers are unable to resolve a dispute with, subject to the following conditions:

1. The adjudication service is only available to customers who have accounts registered with

2. The service is designed for a third-party to adjudicate on disputes where the customer is dissatisfied with the resolution to their complaint offered by

3. By asking for adjudication, the customer consents for their dispute to be shared with and mediated on by the third-party adjudicator.

4. As such, the player must provide evidence, such as an e-mail thread, to show that their complaint has been dealt with by the customer service team.

5. The expected result of third-party adjudication is to confirm as to whether has acted in accordance with its Sportsbook (including esports), Racebook, Casino and Poker rules, and its general terms and conditions as displayed on its website.

6. In cases where has no relevant rules or terms and conditions, then the third-party adjudicator will determine what they regard as a fair and reasonable resolution to the dispute.

7. After submission of the dispute from the customer, the third-party adjudicator will expect a response from within 14 days.

8. After receipt of the information from the book, the third-party adjudicator will aim to respond to the customer within a further 14 days. Hence, the customer should expect a response from the third-party adjudicator within 28 days of requesting adjudication, subject to other requirements set out in these terms and conditions.

9. Adjudication shall be legally non-binding on the customer but binding on, unless the value of the dispute exceeds $50,000.

10. If a financial settlement is to be made with the customer, subject to other requirements set out in these terms and conditions, then the amount specified will paid by within 7 days of receipt of the adjudication.

11. By requesting arbitration, the customer agrees that the details of any adjudication are to remain confidential.

12. also agree that the adjudication process will remain confidential between themselves, the customer and the third-party adjudicator.

Industry watchdog will act as the adjudicator for disagreements between and their player base.

In order to request adjudication please send details of the dispute and any supporting documentation to [email protected]


If you have any questions, please contact us. Our Player Services Team will be happy to help you!

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