Casino in Poker (CIP)

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Casino in Poker (CIP)

Taking a break between tournaments? Do you have the desire to try something different? On our Poker section we also offer casino games, both tables and slots, for you to test your luck!

There are two (2) ways you can access this section: Through the Casino tab or the Casino Quick Menu.

Casino Tab

On the poker main screen, you’ll see the top bar menu where the 5th option is called “Casino”. Click it.The casino section will open and there are 3 tabs:

    • Featured — Shows the most popular and newest games.
    • Table games – Card games mostly such as Black Jack, Roulette and Rummy.
    • Slots – Coin-based games with different thematic suited for all tastes

Click on the game you desire to play and it will load on a different window. Select the buy-in for the game and time to have fun!

Casino Quick Menu

We also have a quick menu located at the bottom right of the poker main screen represented in four (4) icons as shown below:

You click on an icon and it will instantly launch a casino game related to the casino game type:

  • Spades – Black Jack
  • Chip – Roulette
  • Slot – Slot games
  • Cherry – Slot games



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