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I was disconnected while playing a Casino game.

You may occasionally experience disconnections from our game servers when playing. We understand this is common for all internet providers, and it should not be an issue when you are playing with us.

If you are disconnected, our system will simply pick up where you left off and you will be able to continue playing. If you were disconnected right in the middle of a spin, the game will finish that spin and credit you if you win. If you lose connectivity during a live game—for example, in the middle of a hand—any bets you have made will remain in play just as they would in a land-based casino, resulting in a win, loss, or push. Should you win, you will be able to see your winnings in your updated balance when you reconnect.

If you continue to experience disconnection issues, please contact your internet provider, and make sure that your device and systems are all up to date!

Note: In the event of a technical problem or disconnection of any kind from our site, all hands will be void and the original bets returned to players.


My game is frozen.

We are sorry you’re experiencing difficulties with your gameplay. In this case, a number of factors could be affecting the game, so we will go through some troubleshooting steps.

1. This may be caused by a poor internet connection. First, verify your internet connection and make sure everything is in working properly.

2. Please try using your usual browser in incognito mode. This will let you know if any browser extension is causing the issue. If you are able to connect to the game while in incognito mode, then please review any browser extensions and add-ons, and consider disabling or deleting those you do not need. 

3. If this does not work to re-establish your game, please try rebooting your device. Simply turn the device off, wait 90 seconds, and then turn it on again and reconnect.

4. Finally, if none of the previous steps help, please make sure your device’s software is up-to-date, that it is not having any hardware issues, and that you are not using a VPN or any third party software that might interfere with our Casino client.

If after following all these steps you still are unable to reconnect to your Casino game and continue playing, then please contact us, and one of our Casino Experts will be happy to assist and get you back up and running!

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My game is showing an error.

If your game is showing an error, try logging out and logging back into the game. In most cases, this will be enough for the game to work again. If you find yourself unable to reconnect to the game, please follow the steps detailed above.


 My game is showing an error in my winnings/losses.

If the error you see is in regards to losses or winnings that you believe are incorrect, then please note the name of the game, and the date and time of the incident. Then, contact our Player Services Team. We will review the incident and make sure that any winnings or loses are accurate.


My game seems to be fixed/does not allow me to win.

Bet Online is an established and legitimate online casino that has been in the business for 20 years and is known for its honesty and integrity, and only uses recognized and reputable vendors for its products to offer the best and fairest game experience for players.

Random Number Generators (RNGs) are used on all games of chance, such as Slots and Blackjack. These devices generate random numbers that cannot be predicted, and as such, ensure that the outcome of any game is entirely left up to chance. The RNGs used by our casino and poker software have been approved by Gamin Laboratories International (GLI), an internationally recognized and respected Accredited Testing Facility.

In addition to this, all our games are tested rigorously before being released, and are also routinely monitored for any errors discrepancies. If you want to learn more about this topic, please visit our Fair Gaming and Integrity page.


If you need additional Tech Support, please contact us. Our Player Services Team will be happy to assist you. 

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