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What’s a Poker Odds Calculator?

It’s a software you can download on our website that works as an add-on for our Poker Client. With it, you will be able to see instant poker odds in an easy and simple heads up display (HUD) to enhance your poker experience.

Which kind of enhancements does it provide?

The calculator offers several benefits players can receive while playing on a table such as:

  • Win odds calculated based on your pocket cards and the number of players in the table.
  • Easy view of your stats as a player, including history records.
  • Pot odds depending on the ratio of amount of money it takes to call.
  • Expected Value – This is the average amount of big bets your hand will make or lose depending on your hole cards.

And many more!

Does this tool come with a subscription or a fee?

Absolutely not! It’s completely FREE and available to all the poker players from our website.

Does this tool work with more than one unique table?

Yes, it does! You can have multiple instances of the Odds Calculator just by double-clicking the icon of BOL Calculator multiple times. Each of the BOL calculators will work independently.

It also allows you to set it up to find new games automatically under the “Settings” menu.

I just downloaded it and installed it. How do I use it?

Just make sure your Poker Client is closed, then load the BOL Calculator. Once it’s open, then launch the Poker Client and that’s it! You’re ready to play poker with a new perspective to improve your gameplay!


** To download our Odds Calculator please head to this link: https://www.betonline.ag/poker/odds-calculator **

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