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Pleasers are very similar to teasers with one major difference. Whereas with teasers you move the line in your favor, with pleasers you move the line in the opposite direction. For this reason, you will notice very generous payouts.

For example, let’s say you want to make a two-team six-point pleaser on the underdogs of the following games:

Ravens (+9) vs. Broncos
Bengals (+3) vs. Bears

By pleasing the two underdogs, the Ravens would move from +9 down to +3 and the Bengals would move from +3 underdogs to -3 favorites. Both teams would have to cover their adjusted spreads in order for the bet to win. The payout on this example would be +600.


2 Teams Pays 6 to 1
3 Teams Pays 17 to 1
4 Teams Pays 45 to 1
5 Teams Pays 120 to 1
6 Teams Pays 300 to 1


In the event that a three-or-more-team pleasers results in a tie, it will reduce the wager to the next lowest payoff. For example, a four-team pleaser will become a three-team pleaser, and a three-team pleaser will become a two-team pleaser. For wagering purposes, two-team pleasers where there is a tie-win or tie-tie will result in no action, while a tie-loss will result in a loss.

*Pleasers are for NFL only.

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