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Poker Contests

Apart from bonuses, another big feature that our Poker service can offer you is a variety of contests you can participate in. These contests can be either daily or weekly, all you have to do is opt-in; complete the objectives, and you may earn some big cash!

Where do I find these contests?

If you’re playing on our poker client/website on a PC, laptop or Mac, head over to the bottom bar and at the left you’ll see the “My Missions” option. Click on it and a pop up will appear showing all the current contests that we’re offering.

If you’re using your mobile, click on the top left 3-bar icon to open the main menu and select the “Contests” option to see them.

What do I have to do to take part?

By clicking any contest, it will show the description, objectives, period and prizes. You can also click the “Overview” tab to access this information.

How do I join these contests?

The majority of contest shows an “Opt in” red button. Click on it and you’ll be instantly participating in it. If there is no Opt in you are already entered into this promotion and already taking part.

IF a contest has an opt in requirement and you have not opted in, any play prior to opting in will not count towards the contest.

Is there a way I can check my progression or ranking?

Go back to “My Missions”, select the contest and by clicking the “Missions” tab you’ll see your current position in the ranking and the progress you’ve made on the contest.

Please note that the progression is updated once you finish or leave the cash table or the tournament completes that you’re playing.

If I win a contest, how do I get my prize?

The prize delivery will depend on the type of contest you opted in for. These may vary as follows:

  • Target oriented contests will be granted to your poker account once the objective has been completed.
  • Leaderboard contests are reviewed and verified automatically by the system and the rewards are given to the winning players within 15 minutes.

How many contests can I be part of?

Players can join as many contests as they desire at the same time as long as they opt in. You can check your progression at any time via the “My Missions” section.

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