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Poker Settings

Viewing your settings is fast and easy.

You can find the settings as a clickable button, that will open a menu with available options:


In mobile poker apps, you will only see the history of the last hand you played. Therefore, if you would like to review your hand history in more detail, you will need to access a desktop version of our software where you will find more in-depth information on the games you have played.

On your PC/Laptop or MAC desktop

  1. Load up and log in to the desktop poker app
  2. Click the “Settings” option at the bottom bar and select the “History” option.
  3. Use the top menu to select the games you would like to review. You can choose between Single Table, Tournament, Sit And Go, Windfall and Casino History.
  4. Change the date and game format you wish to review.
  5. When loaded, click on the date under the “Start” column to see the hands in that session.
  6. Use the arrows to scroll across the hands played & click on the hand(s) ID to view full hand details.

History Replayer

This option is only available on the Poker Client for Windows PC/Laptop *

 1. On the poker client, click the “Settings” option on the taskbar located at the bottom.

2. Click on “History Replayer”. 3. Click on the date at the top left and select the date from the calendar. 4. All the Tourneys/Sessions played on this day will be displayed and separated by table type. Select the Tourney/Session. 

5. All Hands will be displayed from this Tourney/Session – select the hand that the player wants to view.

6. Players can use the controls available to play the hand in real-time.

7. If a player would like the hand to be reviewed they can confirm the Hand ID here.

My Tables

If you have bought in to cash game tables you can easily see the tables where you are sitting from here, and open the tables using that option provided and using the tick box on one or more.

My Tournaments

If you have registered for any tournaments you can see those here and open the tables using that option provided and using the tick box on one or more.

More Options

We offer our players a variety of ways for you to customize your experience within the poker software. Don’t be afraid to try these out, if you don’t like then you can undo them at any time, or click Restore to Defaults to remove any changes that were made.

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