Poker V.43 – Update Booklet

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Poker V.43 – Update Booklet

Our players are the most valuable part of our company and as such, we remain true to our commitment of continuously improving the services that we offer. As a result, we’re happy to inform you that our Poker site has a new version! This new update has several changes that will improve the visibility, accessibility and performance of your gameplay using our software, which are explained as follows.

The first improvement on this update is the introduction of a Poker home screen. Now it’s easier for our poker players to access the different types of services that we offer.

Note that this new home screen is only available in the Windows/MAC HTML (web) version. If you’re a player who prefers to use the Poker Client, don’t worry since this home screen will also be implemented on the software in the near future.

This new home screen can be divided as follows:

Advertisement and Promotions

Now you can easily see all the current promotions that we offer for our players at the very top of the screen, including our current Bad Beat and Windfall jackpots.  My Missions is also available where you can take part in personal challenges including Leaderboards.

Quick Seats

Just a click away of joining a selection of tables to enjoy your favorite games:

  • Cash and Windfall tables.

  • Featured Tournaments (Multi-Table Tournaments) – highlighting key events and available/upcoming tournaments.

  • Sit N’ Go (SNG) Ready 2 Go games – highlighting higher player registry.

  • Casino in Poker

Yes, this is what you’re guessing: You can now throw items to other players who are at the poker table with you! Where its to celebrate a hand well played or express your disappointment at the result of a hand there is something here for you.

These are interactive actions used via a drag-and-drop interface. There are 5 options available:

  • Beer clinking
  • Fireworks
  • Thumbs Up
  • Tomato
  • Bat

Be aware that there’s a 10 second delay between actions. This feature is available in both PC/Laptop and mobile (web) versions.

How to use it?

  1. While playing on a table, head over to the bottom left of the screen and click the target icon.

  2. The throwables will show up between your betting actions and pocket cards.

  3. Drag the throwable you desire to use towards another player.

  4. Drop it and the action will happen!

Not a fan of throwables?

You can disable them while you’re on a table. Just right click another player’s nickname and select the “Mute Player” option. Just be wary that this option will also mute the opponent’s chat.

You can also disable them permanently by going to Settings > More Options > Table > Display Options and removing the checkmark from “Show Throwable Objects” as shown below.

If you’re playing on mobile, you can touch the menu icon at the top left of the screen (3 Bars) > Settings > Scroll down until you see the “Other” section > Turn off the “Show Throwable Objects” option.

If you’re a native Spanish speaker, we have great news for you. From this new update you will be able to enjoy our Poker platform in Spanish as well.

As soon as you reach the login screen, you’ll see a drop-down menu at the top right where you can select your preferred language. Just select “Español” to change the language to Spanish.

This feature is available on both PC/Laptop and Mobile versions.

Tournament Lobbies now have a brand new design and layout.

This new lobby offers clearer information about the tournament such as summary, prizes, levels, satellites, all broken down by tabs while also showing the date/time of the tournament; the tournament status; prize pool and players registered.

Now in the lobby you can easily see the multiplier probabilities displayed by hovering over the “i” icon that’s located at the top right of every tournament.

We removed the tournament lobbies as well. This means, once you join a tournament, you will be seated at tables immediately.

Now when you access the Casino section in our Poker Client you can enjoy our brand new slot game called Wild Wheel!

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