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1. All Soccer games are listed with the home team on top unless otherwise stated.

2. Unless otherwise stated all Soccer wagers for the period of the game are for regulation time only (90 minutes plus any time added on for stoppages) and do not include periods of extra time (overtime) or penalty shootouts.

3. Soccer uses a three-way moneyline which includes the Draw (tie) as a wagering option.

4. Regular spreads and totals as well as Asian Handicap spreads and totals are offered. We only accept straight bets on Asian Handicap lines. (Please see below for a detailed explanation of how Asian Handicaps work)

5. If a game is abandoned or postponed for any reason, all wagers will stand provided the game is played or re-started within 24 hours of the original kickoff time. If the game is not player or re-started within 24 hours then all wagers will be considered void with the exception of 1st half wagers if they have already been settled.

6. The only exception to the above rule is if the relevant governing body deems an abandoned match to be completed and declares the result to stand. Then we will settle all wagers as normal provided at least 80 minutes has been played.

7. In the event of a change of venue, all wagers will stand providing the change isn’t to the away team’s home ground in which case all wagers will be void.

8. Any prop bets such as number of corners, yellow cards or first goalscorer will be settled according to information on the official website of the relevant league or competition.

9. Same game parlays are not permitted on Soccer matches. e.g. You cannot parlay the Moneyline/Spread into the Total on the same game. In the event that same game parlays are accepted in error through any available channel then we reserve the right to cancel those wagers.

10. All soccer future bets have action unless otherwise stated.


Asian Handicap

In addition to regular full or half point spreads and totals, Asian Handicaps also use quarter point lines. Therefore a spread line of -0.75 would be written as -½ ,-1. What this effectively does is to split your single bet in half, applying half to the -½ handicap and half to the -1 handicap.

For example:

You wager $110 to win $100 on Manchester United -½ ,-1 and they win 2-1. You win $50 as you’ve won the half of your bet at -½ but only pushed the half of the bet at -1.

Totals work in the same way, so a total of 2.25 is written as 2, 2½.

In another example let’s say Manchester United win 2-0 and you’ve wagered $110 to win $100 on Over 2, 2½. This time you lose $55 as you push the total of 2 but lose on the 2½.

If the final score would have been 2-1 for a total of 3 goals then you’d win $100 as you win both parts of the bet.


If you have any questions about our rules, please contact us. Our Player Services Team will be happy to help you. 

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