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Table Wallet Information

Poker Wallet Breakdown

Being a poker player, whenever you make a new deposit on our website, you have to transfer the funds to poker in order to play.

The poker wallet is the hub of all things related to your poker financials – not just your currently available cash balance but also all your bonus funds such as:

  • TM (Tournament Money) = Funds only available to be used in tournaments.
  • GB (Game Bonus) = Bonus funds you can use on cash tables.
  • BM (Bonus Money) = Funds only to be used at the Casino In Poker.
  • Play Money = Currency that isn’t cash only meant to be used in play money tables. It can’t be cashed out or exchanged for real cash.

You can easily get a view of the current cash funds that you have and your bonuses on the Cashier main menu, as shown below:

Buying Chips on Tables/Games

As soon as you take a seat on a poker table, a message will show on your screen asking the amount you want to buy-in using your funds. Tables with a fixed buy-in will only ask for a confirmation while tables with variable buy-ins will allow you to adjust the amount of chips you want to buy.

This works the same way if you go to our Casino in Poker section and buy chips to play the games.

Balance Awareness

Create a habit of always checking the cashier from time to time to get an update of your balances, both cash and bonuses, since when you buy-in on a table, both balances will show combined and be used together. However, bonus funds will always be used first before cash.

For example: If you want to join a Hold’em table whose fixed buy-in is $10 and you have $100 in cash balance with $10 Game Bonus, when you buy-in the table will take the $10 from your Game Bonus balance. If you decide to buy-in more chips, then it would be taken from your cash balance.

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