Where are my winnings?

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You will be able to see your winnings in your account balance as soon as your wager is graded. If you are unable to see your winnings, please verify your wager and our sports rules, to make sure the bet was in fact a win.

Alternatively, are your winnings not what you expected?

In some particular cases, such as a parlay bet, your winnings may be different from what you expected due to bet-type rules. For example, if you have a 6-team parlay and one of the lines is a “no bet”, your parlay would revert to a 5-team parlay and your winnings will be paid according to the new odds.

To learn more, please visit our Sportsbook section for Rules and information on the different types of bets we offer.

If you feel none of the above information applies to your wager, please Contact Us, and one of our Player Services Agents will be happy to look into your case.

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