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Windfall Tournaments

Windfall is a fast-paced 3-handed Sit&Go format tournament where players have a chance to win significantly more than their entry due to the multiplier setting.

The multiplier is displayed on screen as a spinning dial, the amount displayed when the dial stops spinning is the prize pool the players will play for. 

This is also displayed on the table in the center of the screen:

We offer three (3) types of Windfall tournaments: Windfall, Flips and Jackpots. On all types, the buy-in amount is fixed and it includes randomized prizes. A player can get between 1.5 to 100,000 times the amount of their buy-in and the winner takes all in all games except the 100,000 multiplier and Jackpot tournaments, these payments are split by percentage amongst all 3 players.


The standard format of the tournament where players play to win the multiplier that is randomly chosen at the start of each match.


This format combine a randomized multiplier with the possibility of hitting a jackpot so players have an additional opportunity to win a significantly larger prize. When the jackpot is hit, 85% of the jackpot prize pool is distributed to the players participating in the tournament and the remaining 15% is carried over to reset the pot.

All the Jackpots are displayed on the windfall page including information on the Jackpots buy-in.


This type of windfall is based on a coin flip scenario, players are all-in every hand and are not able to make any decisions themselves.  The winner of the tournament is decided within seconds.

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