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You can request a withdrawal from your account at any time via the Cashier or by contacting Customer Services. All withdrawal requests are subject to our Terms and Conditions and will be reviewed in a timely manner.

Withdrawal requests can have any of the following statuses within our system:

Successfully submitted withdrawal requests are assigned the ‘Requested’ status and are queued for review by our team. At this stage, customers are able to cancel their withdrawal from the Cashier.
Under Review
As we begin to review your request, the status will change to ‘Under Review’. At this stage, customers are able to cancel their withdrawal from the Cashier.
If our team determines that your transaction and account activity meets all Terms and Conditions, the status will be set to ‘Authorized’. At this stage and beyond, customers must contact Customer Services in order to cancel or change their withdrawal.
This is a collection of requests that fall under any of the above statuses of ‘Requested’, ‘Under Review’ or ‘Authorized’. Pending requests are those withdrawal requests that have not been debited from your account.
In Progress
Your request is ‘In Progress’ and our team is awaiting confirmation from the payment processor regarding the fulfillment of your request. Normally, your request will not be in this state for more than a few minutes.
After your request is fulfilled and funds submitted thru your withdrawal method, the status of your request will be set to ‘Processed’.
Via the Withdrawal Review page, you have the option to ‘Cancel’ any requests that have not reached the ‘Authorized’ status. This instructs our team not to process your request.
If our team determines your request is lacking in detail or does not meet the Terms and Conditions of our site, then the status will be set to ‘Rejected’ and additional details will be found under the Comments section for that transaction.


Withdrawal Status

You can use the Withdrawal Review page to review the status of your withdrawal requests. The default view will show any requests that are Pending. You have the option to Cancel any requests that are still in a Requested or Under Review status.

Our cashier is designed to prevent a deposit if you have a pending withdrawal that has a status of Requested or Under Review. You can either cancel those pending withdrawal, or wait until your withdrawal have progressed to the Authorized state before you can make another deposit.

To cancel a request, simply check the check box to the left of the transaction row and submit with the Cancel Selected Requests button.

You may also review withdrawal requests that have been Processed or Rejected/Cancelled within the past 6 months using the Status drop down box.


Keep in mind, you may contact Player Services to request information or cancel Withdrawal for your account at any time. We’re here to help!  


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