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In a world as competitive as the sphere of online Poker, names and aliases carry a lot of weight. To help you on your way, here is a guide on how to create a Poker alias here at BetOnline. 


How to create a Poker alias?

The first time you log into your poker account, you will be prompted to choose an alias. It should look like this:

Creating your alias is a simple task. Please follow the criteria below:

  • You may use all letters and numbers on a standard keyboard with US/UK language (Letters A through to Z inclusive, Upper or Lower cases allowed, numbers 1 through to 0 inclusive)
  • Only the following Special characters from a standard US/UK language keyboard can be used: ! ” £ $ % ^ & ( ) _ – { } = [ ] + ; : @ ‘ # ? / ~ \ . , < >

You have up to 10 characters. We recommend that the alias you choose is not related to any personal details, and our rules state that it cannot contain profanity. 

You will be able to see if the alias you’re typing is already use. If it isn’t, congrats! You have yourself a poker alias. 
Keep in mind that all aliases chosen are permanent and unique, therefore we will not be able to make any changes to your Poker Alias later on.

You will be able to view it on the top left of your screen.

 This Poker Alias will be the same one reflected on the live poker tables—and perhaps the one you’re known by when you become a Pro!


If you require additional assistance, please contact us. Our Player Services Team will be happy to help you!

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