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Your Poker Table

On our latest Poker update, we brought to you a brand new table theme called “Move” whose design offers a more intuitive and cleaner interface for players to experience a better gameplay.

This new table theme “Move” only applies to PC/Laptop and Mac, the mobile version remains the same.


The common poker elements such as the dealer button; small blinds; big blinds and pot location remain the same. Other features we had on our original theme “Edge” crossed over to the current one, adding new ones as well. 

One of these new features include grouping several actions into three (3) icon bars located at the bottom left, top left and top right. All these elements can be seen on the picture below:

Information Bar

Here you will have access to four (4) options:

  • Chat – An extended pop up will display the player chat and the actions from all players on the table depending on your personal settings. You can update your personal settings and set chat on screen all the time, either to the left or to right of the table via your settings under Chat

  • Info – Shows all the table details such as table name, type, stakes and Hand IDs.
  • Stats – Information about the table including the number of hands raked/played, hands won, bets and win vs bets comparison. If you click on “view detailed statistics” it will show additional information about the hands and betting rounds.
  • Table Options – Here you can chose what actions you wish to take next including Sit Out Next Hand, Sit Out Next BB (Big Blind) and Wait for BB (Big Blind). It also allows you to choose whether you prefer to muck your hands automatically or not.

Actions Bar

Located at the top left of the screen, this bar provides the following options:

  • Buy Chips – Here you can add chips to your cash table balance or Rebuy/Addon in tournaments that allow these actions.
  • History Replayer – Replay the last hands you played.
  • Session Options – Here you can chose what actions you wish to take across multiple tables including Sit Out, Sit in, Stop after BB (Big Blind).
  • Leave Table – Leave the current table you’re seated at.
  • Casino Shortcut – Click on the cherries to open the casino panel with a selection of 6 at glance Casino games.

Menu Bar

At the top right of the screen you’ll see another bar with the following options:

  • Options – Opens the Settings menu for players to make changes as they require.
  • Layout – Offers the options for a better multi-table handling where you can tile, resize or cascade all the tables you have open.
  • Show Lobby – Minimizes the open table windows and shows the main poker lobby.
  • Gift Box Icon – Opens the Bonuses section of My Account where you can check your live bonuses and any progression on them.

Betting Actions

During your turn, these are the options you have available to play:

  • Turn actions – Click one of the red buttons to activate it. The following actions will be available: Fold, Check, Call, Bet, Raise or All-in. The amounts displayed will vary depending on table and hand you are in.
  • Bet slider – At the right you’ll see a grey bar you can slide to the right to increase the betting amount or left to decrease your bet.
  • Default options such as multipliers or pot percentage bets are available, these can be customized in options under bet slider. Please note there are 2 unique tabs for Cash games and Tournaments, your chosen tab is highlighted in Grey.
  • If you wish to increase your bet by blind you can click on the slider itself to increase your bet by an individual blind. Clicking higher on the bar will increase the bet, lower will decrease the bet.  You can select in your Bet slider settings if you wish to increase your bets by BB (Big Blind) or SB (Small Blind).


If you were a fan of the previous theme and deck layouts that’s not a problem! You can easily configure the poker table to your own suiting under the “Themes” option in the Settings menu.  Click on the white arrows to change themes.

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